Each of the 2 air thanks has a large 2850 cu. in. capacity. Below is an RV- valve that keeps air pressure at 40 psi and a simple ball valve shut-off with a one-way check valve to prevent air bleed-off.
The manual system control valve is located in the main control box. Also a secind RC-1 valve for additional overload protection.
The lane control manifold with heavy-duty shut off valves and compression-type weatherhead fittings scparate the air supply to the lanes.
A plastic liner is installed between the air bag and rollers to protect the air bags from debris. The snug fir of the plastic liner against the main frame allows vacuuming to remove debris. Air-O-Flite systems include a one piece double jackele air bladder. Flip stops are normally spaced at 125" apart, but can be set at customer specified intervals.

The compression fittings are enclosed inside the main frame and fit through the bottom of the trailer, keeping all air lines under the trailer itself, not just under the floor which could create difficulties for air line maintenance.

All rollers are heavy gauge, not just those at the the rear of the trailer.

The main floor and top plates complete the insallation. Total weight capacity of the completed system is 520 lbs/ ft.